About BSM Store

BSM Store / BSMStore.com is a division of BrainScanMedia.com, Inc. - A Web Solutions Company.

Established in 2004, BrainScanMedia.com, Inc. is a Privately Held web solutions company offering website design, development, website re-design, planning, maintenance, graphics design, marketing design, print and online ad design, flash design, custom logos, banner designs, shopping carts, e-commerce, search engine optimization, and web hosting solutions. We also offer video editing, digitizing, music and audio score development for any projects you may have. We design web sites for medium to large corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and small personal sites. We are a combination of old and new media, helping to simplify the creation and production of customized media through technology. Our service offerings put you on the path to performance acceleration.

Our mission is to enable the easy creation and rapid fulfillment of high quality customized media at great value for our customers and to incorporate the web into the core function of your enterprise by providing a complete end-to-end Internet solution. Our core competence and focus is centered on understanding our customer's needs by focusing on deriving a solution that is developed especially for their application, we help to make a company have more efficiency on the Internet and to make the company more productive. By analyzing the problem areas of inefficiency and focusing on how the web can enable a more expeditious and harmonious interaction between workers, clients and customers, we are able to show improved efficiencies. We will become your partner in trying to help you achieve your goals, because your success warrants our success, plus we love what we do...

Who Is BrainScanMedia.com, Inc.

The company was started by Thomas J. Allen which has a rich background in technology and enterprise development, with prior experience of owning 2 other companies, CRK CyberWorld, LLC., and Mega Tech Software, Inc., prior to this Thomas has been a web solutions consultant for many companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, NYU Online, Fleet Securities, Inc., BusinessWeek, MTV, MTVi Group, ViaCom, Nethod, Kraemer Design, MD Computing Magazine, Grey Direct, BSquared Communications, Barnes and Noble, Operation IT, IN D 500 Filmed Entertainment, and many more.

While Thomas had many great positions at major fortune 500 companies, he strived to create his own small business and brand to offer the services that was generally provided to these big companies. With a little hard work, it was accomplished.

How Did Advanced Cart Start

Advanced Cart started back in 2005 which a few customers came to us with the need of a nice way to sell items on their websites. We started Advanced Cart programming in Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Pages) language and worked fairly well for awhile. But as soon as Linux Hosting and PHP became more popular and universal, offered more powerful functions, and can be hosted on any platform whereas Microsoft's ASP was limited to the Microsoft's platform only, we worked hard and re-wrote the cart from the ground up converting it from the old ASP version to the more powerful PHP language in 2014.

From that time we continued to add new features when customers requested additional features. Today the cart is nice and small, easy to install, and easy to add items to the cart using a simple HTML form. Many of our customers, as well as other web designers who need ecommerce support for their clients websites enjoy using Advanced Cart.

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